Fits in Standard High cube Shipping container!

• Machine Weight: Approx. 19 Tonne (Depending on Build)
• Output: Up to 400 TPH
• Power unit: 56 Kw Diesel/Hydraulic Engine.
• Tracks: 300mm wide Steel (Dog lead remote control STD)
• Screenbox size: 3.66m x 1.28m (12’x4’2’’) on both decks.
• Hopper capacity: 6 cubic metres.
• Feeder: 1m wide plain belt.
• Side conveyors: 750mm wide chevron belts.
• Transfer conveyor: 1.2m wide plain belt.
• Oversize conveyor: 1m wide chevron belt (variable angle).
• Operating Dimensions: 11.2m Long x 10.6m x 3.43m.
• Transport Dimensions: 11.87m Long x 2.56m x 2.3m Wide


• Alternative engine brands
• Apron Feeder (direct replacement to beltfeeder)
• Radio remote control on tracks
• Bofar bar top deck
• Perforated plate top deck
• Magnetic conveyor and frame over oversize conveyor